Even this was an online training program i was never let down by Gabriel and received all information, advice, help and support needed. Gabriel kept me accountable with my training , and not just helping loosing weight but changing my life for better. Fitness and the weights become a part of my daily life where i don’t need medical attention for eating problems.
This experience truly has been amazing and life changing. It helping me every day to be the best version of me 🙂 .
— Beata, London, UK

I then got my self a nutrition Coach (Mr Gabriel Sey) who did my nutrition plan for me to be ready for the big stage.
After 12 weeks of hard work, blood sweat and tries ... I made a dramatic body transformation... Weighing inn at 8 half stone I was stage ready. With great coaching and personal training I achieved the unthinkable..... I Came FIRST PLACE 🏆 and Won my first ever comp.
— Cassia, London, UK

My journey to the stage was nothing short of tough, but Gabriel stayed with me the whole way and supported me with all the resources I needed for my big day
— Rochelle, London, UK

Gabriel is the best coach I ever had before. I am very happy client because with his motivation, training and meal plan I achieve 100% my goals. Every session with Gabriel is tough but I really love it (no pain no gain😉) and he teach me how to do proper every exercise
— Karolina, London, UK

I wanted to get in shape for a photoshoot, and even with the very limited time we had, Gabriel managed to work his magic and I am very grateful
— Angel, Virginia, USA

Truly one of the best online coaches out there. Has kept it real with me from the start. He gives you 100% all the time as along as you give 100% back. Has shared with me his time and his knowledge by having regular communication with him. Honestly if you are looking to get not that HD but that 4k definition or just want to start your fitness journey this is the guy to start that journey with him, can’t recommend this guy enough.
— Michael, London, UK

As someone who had also struggled with loosing weight, with Gabriel’s Elite Service, he took me back to basics and taught me everything I needed to know to achieve my goal and make a positive shift in my mindset. Simply Amazing!!
— Alicia, London, UK