The Hybrid: Ultimate 12 Week PowerBuilding Programme

The Hybrid: Ultimate 12 Week PowerBuilding Programme

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The Hybrid Programme is finally here and is the latest of Gabriel Sey's epic ebooks.

With over 20 pages of in depth information including Nutrition info, Supplementation tips, and THREE Full Spreadsheets to fully calculate the weights you should be lifting for each phase. This is the most comprehensive ebook of its kind.

Split into 3 phases:

  • Deadstop 5-3-1 
  • Pure Hypertrophy 
  • Brute Athletic Power

This programme allows you to really focus on and get the full benefits of each training system unlike other Power-building Programmes that try to mesh everything into one.

This is not for the faint hearted... this will push every limit you have. Unlike other programmes we also recommend you reuse this programme multiple time, even lengthen each phase if you are really enjoying that particular phase.

Whatever you do, you must give 120%... It's time to go Beastmode and Unleash the Hybrid!!

See you on the other side!!

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